Sunday, June 10, 2007

June Friday Nighter

We didn't win. We didn't even come close.

That said, Hans navigated his first FN event, and in UNL class no less in a very dirty Saab with street tires hastily bolted on after No Alibi. Boost is still intermittent. We had it on the way to the rally, but as soon as the event started it went away. Gotta be a wire issue.

We zeroed 3 out of the 4 checkpoints. As in no points -- that's a good thing. It wasn't super trappy but there were tons of CASTs and lots to do on the right hand side of the car, where Mr. A sits. His slight mistake on the second leg (worth a handful of points) was overshadowed by my inability to see the transit-to-pizza trap that made us miss the on-course route control. That slip was worth 30 points. I don't feel so bad since I have averaged about one FN per year for the last three years...So we ended up with a pretty big score, but no one else zeroed legs like we did so we feel purty good about that.

But !! Three sections of zero! One was a gimme (about a half mile from the end of the odo check) but the other two were handled nicely and involved quite a lot of work from the right side of the car. Well done, if I do say so.

Hans continues to pick up the intracies of the Timewise and has passed my ability to help him.


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