Monday, May 28, 2007

Catching up on the green '85

Cars line up at Coast to Coast
Yikes. Too much time since the last update.

Plenty of work on the green car since Tbird, including:
  • new fuel filter
  • rewired right side engine harness
  • new ham radio installed
  • replaced the fuel level sender - twice
  • installed a 2nd odometer sensor for the rally computer
  • removed the trailer hitchrotten wires need replacing
Along with all that, Hans and I went up to Vancouver Island to compete in the Coast To Coast rally a few weeks ago, where we gained a lot of experience and had some good checkpoints. Unfortunately a couple of wrong turns led to a giant score. However it was an excellent experience, with great roads and nice folks competing in and running the event. They held it as an all nighter, going from 8pm to 7am, which avoided dealing with local traffic and logging trucks.
New wheel sensor and magnet mounted to right rear hub
Next up: No Alibi 2007.


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