Friday, March 30, 2007

Saab Head

A few weeks ago I finally got around to getting the head rebuilt and replaced. With the help of Hans, it wasn't too bad of a job. We figured that at some point in the not too recent past the head gasket had been replaced, as it came off nice and easy. The intake manifold was another story, though. Spent more time cleaning that off than just about any other procedure.

Unfortunately the shop that rebuilt the head I rescued from a junkyard did not remove the old exhaust manifold studs. However with some judicious hammer action, they were persuaded to hit the road. Nice fresh studs and nuts were used in the reassembly.

Test drove for a week and the hesitation under hard boost is now gone. The valve cover was pretty leaky, with a lot of oil going in cylinder #1, so I don't know if the cause was the bad plug threads in #2 or the excessive oil around the #1 plug. At this point I don't care 'cause it's solved!

Next step is to tune the wastegate. Thanks again to Hans for his help in freeing this up.

After that comes the engine compartment rewiring. Need to do that before the next rally, which I hope to be Coast to Coast up on Vancouver Island in May.


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