Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Saab Classic 900 radio wiring chart

When I installed an aftermarket stereo in the 1990 900 a while back, I was able to use a wiring chart I'd found online to make it easier to match the OEM Saab wires with the current standard wires on the new stereo unit.

Went to look for that chart again today and the site that hosted it is down. Nabbed it from the google cache, and now it's available here (pops into a new window).

(originally found at, however that site appears to be down as of October 25, 2006.)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Dualling Saabs

Intermittent work on both the '85 and the '90 has taken place and I'm overdue for a post here.

For the '90, I've replaced the right side CV boots and swapped the drivers to fix the bad vibration. Unfortunately the "fix" wasn't very good, as the car now vibrates when coasting. I will eventually locate another used driver cup and replace it. Now that I've been in there, I know it's not too bad, just time consuming. Other work on the '90 includes: new lower ball joints and new front rotors and pads. Still to do: rear pads, repair leaky rear caliper, and replace the fuel pump with a used one from Hans. That's where the fuel smell has been coming in. Oh, and the headliner I've been meaning to replace for over a year now. Sigh.

The '85 has its own, different issues. The battery is weak and needs replacing. I really need to rebuild that head, and hope to have a good replacement to put in its place soon. The brake booster is on its way out, and will be replaced with another used one (new ones are $500!!). Definitely need to get the booster swapped out this week, as lack of stopping power is something that should be addressed.

Rally report -- did the Night on Bald Mountain rally a few weeks ago with Ryan. We got off to a great start, but in the 2nd section the car lost power. As in, would not go uphill at all. It would start and idle, but it was really running rich. Took me entirely too long to find the intercooler pipe that had become disconnected, which put us well into last place. We did manage to score well on the few sections we made, but this will be one for the "sometimes learning smarts" category.

Next event is Armageddon, up in Whatcom county. November 4. Ryan and I will give it a go, and this time I won't be stymied by intercooler silliness. Something else, maybe. But not that. Once that event is over, it'll be time to dive into the head rebuild. I'm kind of nervous about that one -- completely new territory. But there's plenty of help on the Saab Central forum, plus the great writeups by Townsend. And Hans of course.

Speaking of Hans, we had a nice run at the Pull A Part last week. They have a bunch of Saabs there now, including an '85 Turbo that still has the head. Maybe not for long, though.