Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Working on the 1990 900T

Now for some badly needed catchup on deferred maintenance. I bought this 1990 900 Turbo a couple of years ago as a daily driver. Apart from needing a leaky heater valve replaced, I haven't done much with it. Just a stereo and some tires.

But the vibration in the drive train has finally gotten to the point it's not comfortable to drive at just about any speed. Last weekend I pulled the axles to find the right (turbo) side complete dry on the inner axle tripod bearing (inner C/V joint). The left side was just fine. So now I have to swap the driver cups, get some new parts, and put 'er back together. Oh, and new outer steering rod ends as well. And brake pads and rotors. The fun never ends.

After that and a new headliner, which I intend to document here, should be good to sell to finance another Saab fixer purchase. Or not. Maybe after all the work I'll want to keep it.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Many things learned

I've neglected this blog, just like I've neglected the green Saab since returning from the Alcan rally. Here are a few things I've learned.

1. You can forget a comb, but not your tools.
2. You can forget an antenna, but not your radio manual
3. You can always find a great time.

Lots of pics and reports at the TeamD rally news blog

Upcoming projects: repair/replace the cylinder head, prep the 1990 900 for sale. I saw a great looking '85 900 on ebay a couple of weeks ago, but I need to get rid of the '90 to make room for it.