Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Start me up

Popped the replacement starter in last night. Was refreshing to do a job on the car that went smoothly and relatively quickly. The somewhat tricky part was getting the starter out from under the intake manifold and getting the replacement back in. Have to be very careful of the wiring in that area due to its fragility. The only time I complain about the turbo is when all the pipes for it have to be removed in order to access the engine.

Also found that the young tech at Scanwest had not installed the intercooler properly. It wasn't in its mounting holes, and the diverter plate wasn't snugly fit. That's all properly installed now as well.

Put in a better rear view mirror -- hopefully one that won't become misadjusted when things get bumpy.

Tonight will tackle tightening up the power steering system and installing a belt on the pump. Get the gravel tires replaced with the streets and could be driving to work in the rally car tomorrow!


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