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Canadian and Alaska Weather Reports

As a reminder, here's the map of the 2006 Alcan route (in PDF format) and here is the itinerary. You were directed here from a couple of different places, either the official Alcan web site or the Saablaag

Day 1 - August 14

Start: Kirkland
Stop: Quesnel, BC OR (Canadian weather for Quesnel)

Day 2 - August 15

Start: Quesnel, BC
End: Dease Lake, BC

Day 3 - August 16

Start: Dease Lake, BC (Canadian weather for Dease Lake)
End: Whitehorse, YT

Day 4 - August 17

Start: Whitehorse, YT OR (Canadian weather for Whitehorse)
End: (for some) near Ross River, NWT OR (Canadian weather for Ross River)
Others have a day trip to: Skagway, AK

Day 5 - August 18

Start: (for some) on the Canol Highway, NWT OR (Canadian weather for Ross River)
Everyone else leaves from Whitehorse
End: Dawson City, YT OR (Canadian Weather for Dawson)

Day 6 - August 19

Start: Dawson City, YT
Side Trip: (for some) Eagle Plains and Arctic Circle on the Dempster Highway OR (Canadian weather for the Dempster Highway)
End: Dawson City, YT

Day 7 - August 20

Start: Dawson City, YT OR (Canadian Weather for Dawson)
Through: Chicken, AK
And: Tok, AK
End: Fairbanks, AK

Day 8 - August 21

Start: Fairbanks, AK
Maybe via: Valdez, AK
End: Glenallen, AK (Gulkana is closest ref)

Day 9 - August 22

Start: Glenallen, AK
End: Anchorage, AK and the glorious finish!

After that

We're all on our own!
August, 2006
Dan Comden
Seattle, WA U.S.A.
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